6 Quick Steps to Your Digital Marketing Plan

What Why-Who-How-Where-When



Following on from the earlier post “Don’t Let Rona Ruin Your Business”, I have drafted a template for you to use to write your own Digital Marketing Plan in just 1 page!

Using the 6 “W’s” (What, Why, Who, How, When, Where) you will be able to create a simple blueprint for the products and/or services your business provides and how to promote them to help grow your business.

Let’s take a closer look at each step…

STEP 1: WHAT are you selling?

This step requires you to take a closer look at the individual products and/or services that your business provides.  

STEP 2: WHY are you selling it/them?

Here it’s time to start considering the reasons behind providing the products and/or services.  What need is each individual product/service meeting for your customers?  What are you promising your customers here with your products/services?

STEP 3: WHO are you selling to?

In order to sell products/services you need to know who you are selling them to.  Who are your customers?  What are their demographics (age, sex, location)?  What are their buying habits?  What would cause them to buy the products/services and specifically from you?

STEP 4: HOW are you promoting your products/services online?

What mediums will you use to promote your products/services?  Will you offer freebies?  Will you post engaging content such as images/videos/podcasts?  Will you use infographics, survey information or blog posts?  Think about how you will present your promotion.

STEP 5: WHERE will you promote online?

Do you have a website?  What social media platforms will you use (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)?  Do you need to use all of them or just specific ones?  Will you use paid advertising such as Google AdWords or Social Media Advertising?

STEP 6: WHEN will you promote?

Plan when the best time would be for you to promote your products/services.  There may be optimal days and times of the week for posting on social media – but note that these differ with each platform.  You may even have specific public holidays or awareness days that you want to work with.

Follow the steps above to complete your simple digital marketing plan in no time!  You may even find that after completing this you want to delve into more detail. 

Other side effects of completing the plan might include:

  ~  Adding/adjusting the products and services you offer

  ~  Rewriting your business values and customer promises

  ~  Refining your target market

  ~  Creating new types of content for online

  ~  Considering other online channels for growing your business

~  Looking at campaigns you could run to raise awareness of your business

Make A Plan, Take Action, Start Today

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